Episode 82 – Dean DeLisle

Dean DeLisle (@deandelisle) is the Founder and CEO of Forward Progress. He's also a well-known speaker on the Social Media Strategies Summit. Dean is also a father and an outstanding storyteller whom has impressed me with something new and innovative every time we've met. During this week's podcast, Dean tells a story about how ended up at Merrill Lynch. I would implore that people take a listen. At

Episode 81 – Diana Wolff

Diana Wolff (@Di_Wo) is the President of LRG Communications and an experienced business woman with a background in writing and B2B. I first had the opportunity to meet Diana during a #LinkedInChat many years ago. Over the time I've got to know Diana, I've been impressed with her background and her ability to educate those in less social businesses on the value that social media will offer them. Her unique client-base at LRG Communications is one that requires a strong, social lead

Episode 80 – Chris McManamy

Chris McManamy (@ChrisMcManamy) is Project Engineer at Acropolis Technology Group in St. Louis. While we debate where we first met (we both guess it was a Twitterchat), Chris is an active social media user who's doing all the right things. Through the use of Snapchat, McManamy puts a face to the world of IT - and has built a strong personal brand in the process. http://traffic.libsyn.com/whyisocial/WhyISocial_Episode80.mp3

This Week on Why I Social, Chris and I discuss:

  • The

Episode 79 – Jennifer Radke

Jennifer Radke (@radkejen) is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Institute for Social Media - a role she recently began two months prior to the recording of this episode. Her career began in higher education as she found a passion for the world of education. In addition to her job as CEO, she also serves a board member for Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota. http://traffic.libsyn.com/whyisocial/WhyISocial_Episode79.mp3

This Week on Why I Social, Jennifer and I discuss:

    Episode 78 – Carolyn Portanova

    Carolyn Portanova (@CarolynPortanov) is Communications & Marketing Manager at The Brokerage Resource (Inc). She is also a returning guest as she previously appeared as a panelist during a live episode of Why I Social titled "Parenting In The Social Age". She is a prime example of one of the reasons I started the podcast as her story from sales to