Episode 50 – Behind The Scenes of Why I Social (live)

When I (@CBarrows) first started the Why I Social podcast – I never expected to be a guest on my own show. As the story goes, around episode 20 or so – I started getting requests to here more about the show and why I decided to start it. I won’t deny that it’s always nice when people are interested – but I thought nothing of it.

Nearly one year later this happens: A live blab – hosted by alum and friend, Vincenzo Landino (@VincenzoLandino) – where I’m a guest on my own show. It was a humbling experience as well as a valuable one – as it put me in the seat I’ve put more than 55+ alums previously.

This Week on Why I Social, Vincenzo and I discuss: 

  1. -Starting Why I Social (and how a handshake played an important role)
  2. -What would I have done different if I started now?
  3. -My Five Favorites

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