Episode 51 – The UnPodcast edition

Facebook_Episode51_WhyISocialThis week’s guests (the duo of Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer) are the team behind the UnPodcast. The podcast can best be described (as seen on Unmarketing.com) as “the business podcast for the fed-up”. The pair is responsible for a fantastic collection of books and provides some real-life examples of things brands are doing both wrong and right.

In addition to the podcast, Scott has written four best-selling business books, the newest being “UnSelling: The New Customer Experience” which was just named “Sales Book of the Year” by 1-800-CEOREAD. He also spends his time providing keynotes at conferences around the world. It was his closing keynote at Higher Ed Web 2015 in Milwaukee that provided me the opportunity to connect. He is a powerful speaker who commands your attention.

It’s safe to say this team is a winning one – and their insights are on-point in regards to what is taking place in the social media and marketing world we live in today.

This Week on Why I Social, Scott, Alison and I talk about:

  • – A day in the life the Unmarketing Podcast team
  • – Creating a podcast with a dedicated video component
  • – The importance of focus

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