Episode 59: The #CMAD Special

Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) holds a special place in my heart. It was around this this time last year that current ambassador Matt Black (@MattblankInk on Twitter) suggested I do an episode around #CMAD.

My reaction, you ask?



Obviously, I jumped at the idea and produced the first special edition of Why I Social at that time!

Fast forward to 2016…

As this year’s #CMAD approached, I wanted to do something different. Last year, I learned about a lot of people whom I had never met before. It was absolutely wonderful. There was a problem, however, in the way I did it. I recorded multiple conversations and put them all in ONE podcast.

As I looked back, I realized something, that these people deserved their own episodes in a serious of podcasts. By setting up the episode into “parts” and featuring a new episode per day I knew this could be accomplished. In 2016, that’s what I did.

Here’s a recap of all the episodes in the 2016 series. I look forward to continuing this tradition in 2017.

Meet the Community Manager Appreciation Day Team (introduction)

Part 1: Gabby Yocum of Zoomph

Part 2: Monina Wagner of Content Marketing Institute

Part 3: Lorrie Gurrieri of Be The Change Revolutions

Part 4: Noni Shaney of SUNY Ulster


You can also find a fantastic recap of the entire Community Manager Appreciation Day event by podcast alum and ambassador, Sherrie Rodhe, at communitymanagerappreciationday.com.


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