Episode 81 – Diana Wolff

Diana Wolff (@Di_Wo) is the President of LRG Communications and an experienced business woman with a background in writing and B2B. I first had the opportunity to meet Diana during a #LinkedInChat many years ago.

Over the time I’ve got to know Diana, I’ve been impressed with her background and her ability to educate those in less social businesses on the value that social media will offer them. Her unique client-base at LRG Communications is one that requires a strong, social lead and she has served that role well for many years.

Get to know Diana this week on Episode 81 of Why I Social…

This Week on Why I Social, Diana and I discuss:

  • New York City in the late 80’s and early 90’s
  • The importance of relationships (both social and off-line)
  • How she found herself as a Vice President.

And of course, Why Does He Social?!

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