Episode 82 – Dean DeLisle

Dean DeLisle (@deandelisle) is the Founder and CEO of Forward Progress. He’s also a well-known speaker on the Social Media Strategies Summit. Dean is also a father and an outstanding storyteller whom has impressed me with something new and innovative every time we’ve met.

During this week’s podcast, Dean tells a story about how ended up at Merrill Lynch. I would implore that people take a listen. At the heart of this show is people – and people, relationships, is never more important than in the story Dean tells.

Join me this week for a conversation with Dean DeLisle

This Week on Why I Social, Dean and I discuss:

  • What his experiences in the restaurant business taught him about relationships
  • How he went from busing tables to working with computers at Merrill Lynch
  • Going into business for himself

And of course, Why Does He Social?!

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