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Why I Social - Episode 120

Candid conversations - every week.

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Something Different

More than marketing talk - get to know the person(s) behind the social handle. 

Learn something new

Always something to learn and the quotables (shared via Clammr) to go with it. 

About The Podcast

Why I Social is hosted by Chris Barrows. The podcast features candid conversations with folks who truly get social media – from average joe to CEO. Each podcast invites you to get to know social media professionals beyond their social media handle.  The podcast has been featured at conferences such as Social Media Strategies Summit and NEPA Blogcon. 

Go beyond the handle with Why I Social. 


About Chris Barrows

Chris Barrows (@CBarrows) is a social media/digital marketer currently working in the higher education space. He is currently married and father to an amazing son who inspires him every day. He's also the chairperson of the eduWeb Digital Summit. 

He started the Why I Social podcast in January 2015 as a means to tell the stories of some of the great work being done on social media that weren't being told by the standard marketing podcast - with a focus on the persons - not the marketing. 

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