(Live) Streaming with Purpose and the People Who Do It

Over the course of 50+ episodes, I’ve talked about the positives and negatives about the current state of live-streaming. At times, I am the first to admit I’ve highlighted the negatives of live-streaming – mainly, noise. While I haven’t taken the time to go live myself very often, I have had my eye on the space for a while now.

Part of that process has included looking into Blab and Periscope streams multiple times per week simply to see what was happening, what topics were on-going and what value was being shared. The truth is I’ve saw more noise than anything else. This isn’t shocking, however, as it’s very much the case with any new platform.

Naturally, as someone who has put Focus Over FOMO as part of his personal strategy, it’s made it hard for me to want to be heavily involved. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen the people doing positive things in the space.

With Facebook has now announcing that verified pages will have access to “Live” – this seems like the perfect time to highlight two individuals who have helped me find great streams – as well as ask them who they would recommend you check out!

Ross Brand (@iRossBrand)

I’m a fan of people who highlight others and that’s exactly what Ross does. Beyond having his own Blab show where he talks to people about how they’re using live-streaming, he also runs and operates Livestream Universe in which he highlights upcoming Blabs.

With a focus on others and quality content I can only hope the Livestream Universe continues to do what it’s doing. I’m also excited because his next guest at the time of this post will be an alumni of the show, Christin Kardos.


Check out #LivestreamStars every Monday at 7pm EST.

Ross Recommends: Mitch Jackson 

Whether hosting on Periscope or as a guest on Blab, Mitch Jackson offers actionable business advice to viewers and welcomes their questions about social media, marketing and legal issues. In addition to being a credible business person with measurable accomplishments outside of the social media sphere (California Trial Attorney of the Year in 2013),

Mitch is an effective communicator on-camera who delivers value in a direct, personable and jargon – free manner. He has a strong handle on new developments in live-streaming, including how businesses can leverage social technologies. Mitch is also a supportive member of the live-streaming community who promotes other live-streamers, frequently calls-in & guests on Blabs and asks great questions as a viewer from the Blab chat box.

Vincenzo Landino (@VincenzoLandino)

Vincenzo embraced live-streaming early on and owned it. It’s easy to smile when you remember that Vincenzo started with a late night karaokefest on Meerkat. Then, you take a look at what he’s built since – a focused presence that educates others and adds value.

If there is a go-to for me on live-streaming, it’s Vincenzo Landino. This is the reason I asked him to be the host of Episode 50 of Why I Social.

Vincenzo Recommends: Geoff Golberg 

Geoff is known for his scopes that show off New York City – arguably the most famous city in the world. Some of my favorite Periscope’s that Geoff has done are the Empire State Building turning off its lights at night, cab rides and even walks through Times Square. The reason these live streams are so amazing is that they show off the city at its most purest, raw form. It doesn’t have to be a special event for the charm of the city to attract any viewer, and Geoff, a native of NYC, does it better than anyone else.

Vincenzo Recommends: Alexa Carlin

If positivity is your thing, there is no one better than Alexa. Her daily 10:00am inspiration/motivation streams are an amazing way to get your mind aligned positively throughout the day. It’s better than coffee! She focuses on meditation, raising collective conscious, creativity, and random acts of kindness. Alexa also does a great job with showing off her amazing state of Florida, from gorgeous sunsets to breath taking sunrise walks on the beach.

Is there someone live-streaming that you think brings valuable content to their feed on a daily basis?  Share it in the comments below (with links, of course)! 

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  1. Mitch Jackson says:
    December 21, 2015 a 6:52 pm

    I truly believe that live streaming with a purpose is changing the world. The barriers to communicating and exchanging information have been eliminated. Building relationships and exchanging ideas have never been more exciting! Mitch

    • CBarrows says:
      December 21, 2015 a 9:19 pm

      Thanks for commenting, Mitch. Looking forward to looking more into some of your streams in the future.


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