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Our services are focused on helping you build or adapt your social media strategies for success. With a focus on building a feasible social media strategy with goal-driven actions, we believe in building a solid foundation upon which you can build off of. 

Our services are broken up into two sections. Organizational services are designed to help companies and brands. Our professional services are designed to help individuals looking to grow their social presence and improve their viability in a competitive job market.   

Organizational Services

Strategy Building

Building your social strategy can be a daunting task. It's often something that companies have ignored or put aside as something that "they'll get to". 

Our strategy building services are custom designed to be as simple as evaluating an existing strategy to working sessions to help you or your company build a strategy in-line with goals that will help you achieve what YOU define as success for your existing or planned social media accounts. 

Social Content Audit

You've got social content - but it's not performing to your level of expectations? Don't have time to do an exhaustive audit on your account to see what's worked? That's where we come in. 

Social media audits can look at your social posts as far as one year through as short as the last two weeks. These audits will assist you in understanding what worked, what didn't and how to move forward. 

Please note: Social media account audits can also be included as part of your strategy building package. Depending on the level of audit you'd like, some access may need to be provided to your platform (within Terms of Service of that platform). 

Professional Branding Services

Linkedin Profile Reviews

Linkedin plays an important role in establishing our digital identity. It sets a professional standard and is at the heart of one's job hunt. 

Why I Social Consulting will provide an analysis of your Linkedin Profile and provide recommendations to improve the digital value of your profile. In addition, we'll help you craft a strategy to drive more views to your profile page. 

Resume Reviews

Your digital identity isn't enough to land you a job. The creation of a strong resume is a must for any job hunt - passive or on-going. 

Our team includes over 10 years of professional career services experience and can help you build resumes tailored for the job you want. Service includes a consultation phone call to identify needs to allow proper tailoring of resume. Resumes can be done on a per job basis or a general focused base on the industry of your profession. 

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