Sessions – Episode 3 (Emojis and Social Communication)

Welcome to the third episode of Why I Social Sessions – where we bring you short discussions focused on one-singular topic. This is not your standard Why I Social episode where we learn about a guest – but instead – we focus on important topics impacting the social media space today.

Today, on Why I Social Sessions, linguist and SXSW speaker Gretchen McCulloch (@GretchenAMcC) and I discuss the value of emoji’s as a communication tool in today’s social space. 

On Episode 3 

1. Who is using emoji language (and why?) 

2. What role does emoji language play in online conversation? 

Following the conversation:

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This Week’s Question(s):

  • What’s your favorite emoji? Why? 

Music for Why I Social Sessions is “Voice Over Under” by Kevin McCleod

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