The Gif(s) of 2017 – Alumni Favorites

As 2017 was coming to a close – I saw prediction posts galore that all read the same. Whether it was live video, AR, or personalization – it read like the script of Groundhog day the more I read them.

That’s why when I reached out to those alums who had been on the podcast in 2017, I had another goal in mind. Gifs. Everyone (well, most) loves gifs. These are some the podcast alum’s favorite gifs (and why) from 2017. I’ve included a link to their episodes for those who want to live in 2017 again – even for just a little bit.

C.C. Chapman (@CC_Chapman of Episode 145)

“As a life-long Prince fan, I love using gifs of him because it adds an extra level of fun for me. This one works in a variety of situations from laughing at someone to the perfect comment when someone goes off the political rails. Sadly, I’ve had to use this a lot during 2017 and I’m hoping to not need it as much in the new year.”

Jason Eng (@JasonEng_ of Episode 141)

“I find Will Ferrell to be hilarious and the whole SNL crew to be funny as well. When I need to laugh or just find some way to take my mind off a stressful situation, SNL skits definitely help. The “more cowbell” skit is one of my favorites. When I share this gif with coworkers, no matter the situation, it always puts a smile on people’s faces.”

Jessica Fisher (@Miniktty of Episode 107)

“It’s so me. Whenever I see something fun or cool, or especially if someone I think is awesome does something extra awesome I freak out pretty much like that gif. There’s a lot of dancing and flailing.”

Katy Spencer Johnson (@katyb_spencer of Episode 111)

“2017 was the year of Wonder Woman, the year of #metoo, and the year of standing up for women’s rights in the face of a new political reality. While this is not a new struggle, nor is it a new character, This GIF just exemplifies everything strong, beautiful, brave, and powerful about women. Also, Wonder Woman is awesome and Gal Gadot is stunning. #girlcrush ”

Jackie Vetrano (@Miniktty of Episode 138)

“How can you not smile looking at Elmo’s face? Can you hear him in your head saying “Elmo’s not sure!” I’m never sure, a lot of the time I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants and that shrug is exactly how I feel.”

Al Hopper (@alhopper_ of Episode 108)

Apparently, I asked him a difficult question (love you, Al). This was what he used most in 2017!

Jason Schemmel (@JasonSchemmel of Episode 142)

I Don'T Care Idgaf GIF by Originals - Find & Share on GIPHY

(WordPress was weird with this one, use the link above)

“Social media has become profoundly visual (thank you Instagram & Snapchat), which is why there’s this HUGE video movement we see across Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook. With GIFs, they’re short video clips can convey an emotion as well as understanding. More detail is sent via GIF compared to a standalone image, and it’s shorter than a video. Heck, I could carry a conversation completely in GIFs if anyone wants to challenge me. That’s why I love this particular GIF. I want people to convey how they’re feeling more in-depth so I can get a better understanding of the message they’re sending. Don’t tell it to me, GIF it to me.”

Eric Stoller (@ericstoller of Episode 127)


“I only used this gif once this year, but it always makes me smile. Any
gif that brings joy is always a winner in my book. Plus, who doesn’t
like corgis on a treadmill?!! ”

Catherine Trestini (@cattrestini of Episode 141)

“Kermit has become an internet sensation in the form of memes and gifs. This one turns an innocent throwback clip into a simple, sassy, and salty reaction gif when someone says something awkward or random.”

Elliot Volkman (@thejournalizer of Episode 116)

“For the past two years, with zero vacations, I’ve been working with TechCo as a reporter (on the side). In 2018 I have something new coming, and this gif states it perfectly.”

Jeremiah Barba (@jeremiahbarba of Episode 123)

“This has become my favorite GIF recently because it expresses how I feel when anyone wants to talk politics. That “SPROING!” as the cat hurtles over the fence = me.”

“JMatt” (@JMattMKE of Episode 120)

“I often use GIFs to relay emotions that just wouldn’t come across as well otherwise, this one is great for mid-workday frustrations… because when you work in social media (or really any job), sometimes you just want to ‘take a nap, right here.’ Goodnight!”

Patrick Jervis Jr.  (@pjervis of Episode 132)

Bryan Mapes (@Iammapes of Episode 115)

“So many GIF’s to choose from.

Do I be a homer and pick NASCAR driver reaction GIF’s that I’ve had made myself? Probably not. GIF’s of sports plays seem fun, but don’t end up as timeless. My go-to GIF working in the sports social media world is anytime the action gets so intense it’s almost unbearable combined with one of my favorite shows growing up, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The trusty fainting GIF.”

Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC of Episode 143)

“This is the first time I had seen this kid (from Katy Perry’s band/group/entourage? whatever it is she has) and my kids were glued. “What is her doing???”

My son immediately figured out this dance and my daughter is still flummoxed LOL.”

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