Why I Social Podcast


Theme Options Panel

The B3Theme Theme comes with the powerful theme options panel. You can easily manage a huge number of settings using this panel: general, typography, color, socials, blog, portfolio, contacts, header and footer options. It was created to ease your work while creating either personal or business web site. Upload your custom logo, choose the desired google web font, select the theme color you wish, chose boxed or fullwidth layout, its up to you.




Typography is a multiple theme option for customers who want to change the default fonts and their parameters for different website areas. The theme supports about 600+ Google Fonts. There are additional filelds where website admin can indicate headers and content font sizes.


The theme has special color options area. It is added specially for people who don't want to use the default theme colors or want to mark out website parts (content, menus, headings etc.)





You can use two buttons below to backup your current settings and then restore them at a later time. This is useful if you want to experiment with the settings while keeping the old ones. Warning: every new backup overwrites the previous one.

You can tranfer the saved options data between different installs by copying the text inside the text box. To import data from another install, replace the data in the text box with the one from another install and click "Import Options".